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Recently I posted an article about measuring and managing customer loyalty and satisfaction. I mentioned that not always is there a direct correlation between good service metrics, such as response time, prints between calls, etc. and customer satisfaction.

But just try to retain an account if those good metrics do not exist!

That being said, I am very proud of our service department! Not only are they achieving great metrics to help make the sales process easier, but they are also being recognized by Ricoh America for their overall excellence as a service department!

In April Thermocopy was awarded Ricoh America’s Service Excellence Award for 2014-2015. Only 50 of the 429 technology companies that are partnered with Ricoh nationwide received the award. To be considered for the award a company had to demonstrate a commitment to customer service in accordance with Ricoh’s strict guidelines. The guidelines and scoring parameters included the following categories: Hardware & Solutions Training, Services-Led Initiatives, Relevant Industry Certifications, Service Organization Structure, Customer Satisfaction Measurement Process & System, Field Staff & Help Desk Productivity & Efficiency Measures, Effective Utilization of Ricoh Resources, and Business Plan Management & Process Improvement. The tabulation process was automated and only companies reaching a certain threshold were selected to go to the next level. These companies were then reviewed by the Ricoh Technical Support Manager, Region Managers, and the Director of Dealer Service Support to validate the outcome and the final selections.

This award is additional validation of Thermocopy’s dedication to excellence and our commitment to providing our customers the best experience possible!

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