THE WALL THAT HEALS – An emotional experience!

I had the privilege of attending the opening ceremonies presenting THE WALL THAT HEALS to the Knoxville Metro Area of which Thermocopy is a sponsor. It took me back to my first visit to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC and the emotions I felt when I viewed the over 58,000 names on the wall. It was no different today while I listened, observed, and mingled amongst those who served. I have so much respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice and also those whose lives were changed forever by their involvement in that war.

THE WALL THAT HEALS - Opening Ceremonies THE WALL THAT HEALS - Sponsors

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The New Leasing Standards: What You and Your Company Need to Know

Take the link below to an article I wrote for ENX Magazine about the new leasing standards set to go into effect in 2018. It is an overview meant to peak the reader’s interest about their leasing situations and investigate what they need to do to comply.

New Leasing Standards

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Corporate Vision Magazine interview

2017-08-23 15_44_45-Inbox - - OutlookI had the privilege of being interviewed by Corporate Vision magazine about Thermocopy. Have fun reading about who we are! The article begins on page 36.

Corporate Vision Article

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Great Interview with Steve Sumner, president of Thermocopy

enxmagazine interviewed Steve Sumner, president of Thermocopy, for their August edition.  The content illustrates why Thermocopy is an excellent company to work for, and with! Use the link below to read the article.

Thermocopy Dealer Spot Light Article

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