Thermocopy received Ricoh’s Service Excellence Award

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Ricoh has honored  Thermocopy as a 2018 “Circle of Excellence Certified Dealership.”  Fewer than 20% of Ricoh Family Group Dealers earned the “Circle of Excellence” award. To be considered for the program, a company must demonstrate a commitment to customer service and technical expertise following Ricoh’s strict guidelines.

Adjudicated categories that are the basis for the award include Hardware & Solutions Training, Services-Led Initiatives, Relevant Industry Certifications, Service Organization Structure, Customer Satisfaction Measurement Process & System, Field Staff & Help Desk Productivity & Efficiency Measures, Effective Utilization of Ricoh Resources, and Business Plan Management & Process Improvement. The Ricoh Technical Support Manager, Region Managers, and the Director of Dealer Service Support carefully reviewed office equipment dealers from around the country to select recipients of the Ricoh Service Excellence Award.

We have been a member of the “Circle of Excellence” since the beginning of the program in 2016.

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Our Thermocopy Service Technicians Achieve Ricoh’s Highest Award for Service Excellence, the “Prestige” Certification

13 of our service technicians earnedResized - Prestige Certificate presentation - 2017 the 2017 Ricoh “Prestige” certification. The designation demonstrates knowledge and skill that makes them the “Best of the Best” as part of Ricoh’s Service Excellence Program.

The “Prestige” certification is obtained via completion of on-line time-sensitive testing and is available to be earned by all Ricoh-Savin-Lanier professionals certified by Ricoh at the time of the examination.

Over 1,600 technicians started the testing process, and 115 technicians achieved the certification. 13 were Thermocopy team members. Just 37 of the 373 companies that participated in the Service Excellence process had even one technician receive the “Prestige” certification. Also, 2 of Thermocopy’s team were awarded the highest designation, “Prestige Elite,” out of 13 total in the United States.

Ricoh Representatives Steve Kesler (South Region Service Support Manager) and Ric Carr (Technical Support Manager) traveled to Knoxville to present award plaques to our top-achievers.

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THE WALL THAT HEALS – An emotional experience!

I had the privilege of attending the opening ceremonies presenting THE WALL THAT HEALS to the Knoxville Metro Area of which Thermocopy is a sponsor. It took me back to my first visit to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC and the emotions I felt when I viewed the over 58,000 names on the wall. It was no different today while I listened, observed, and mingled amongst those who served. I have so much respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice and also those whose lives were changed forever by their involvement in that war.

THE WALL THAT HEALS - Opening Ceremonies THE WALL THAT HEALS - Sponsors

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The New Leasing Standards: What You and Your Company Need to Know

Take the link below to an article I wrote for ENX Magazine about the new leasing standards set to go into effect in 2018. It is an overview meant to peak the reader’s interest about their leasing situations and investigate what they need to do to comply.

New Leasing Standards

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