One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

This statement is especially true when it pertains to second-hand and decommissioned computers and phones. One study found that more than 71 percent of these devices on the secondary market contained personally identifiable information (PII).  Hackers LOVE these devices!

We have started a new value-add business for our clients and prospects: Hard Drive Destruction Services. What follows is a short commercial about the service.

Why risk the reputation and financial well-being of your business by not safeguarding the private information of your customers, employees, and company.

Stay compliant by using Centriworks’ economic 2 stage hard drive destruction services.

Our NSA approved equipment:

  • Will erase any magnetic media that fits into the drawer, including all standard hard drives (laptop, desktop, and server) and storage tapes (DLT, LTO, DDS/DAT, etc.).
  • And then destroy all standard hard drives including SSD, Phones and other storage devices (such as memory chips & USB drives)

Our process for the destruction of confidential and sensitive data:

  • Follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines,
  • Meets US Department of Defense (DoD) and Defense Security Services (DSS) requirements for sanitizing unclassified data,
  • And it provides compliance under regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, FACTA, etc.

We can pick up your devices, remove the hard drives (if required) and even make sure the parts and pieces are recycled.


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Centriworks – New Name – Same Values


After 50+ years in business, we have been transitioning our name brand over the last six months to Centriworks, which has been an operating division of Thermocopy since 2004.

The decision to rebrand did not come lightly. There is always a risk when changing the name of a company, but we felt it was necessary to have a name that is forward-looking and better represents the services and products that we have been providing to the East Tennessee/Southwest Virginia business community for quite some time. These services include Managed IT, Cybersecurity, IT Consulting/Software, Phone Systems, and of course hardware in the form of multi-functional products and printers.

Rest assured that there is:

  • THE SAME local ownership
  • THE SAME commitment to excellence
  • THE SAME core values:
  • THE SAME commitments to our clients:
    • To provide proven business solutions
    • To provide an experienced, tenured team of professionals
    • To nurture our business relationships
    • To outperform all competition
  • THE SAME commitments to our community:
    • To invest money and human resources to achieve civic goals
    • To be an environmentally responsible business partner

I invite you to visit to read more about our new name and all the great things we do.

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A shout-out to Bryan, one of our technical team members, for creating a raving fan of one of our clients yesterday! This is the survey we received rating his assistance! 

He was rated 10 out of 10 for every survey question!

1. Did your technician leave the equipment repaired to your satisfaction? Helped me over the phone and resolved my issue

2. Rate communication with your technician (problem discovery, problem resolution). Very Communicative and friendly!

3. Rate your technician overall. He’s a keeper

4. How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague? I already have! My sister property is with another company and I have mentioned several times that Centriworks is amazing. To my understanding, it is her intention to set up an account.

5. Rate your experience with our Call Center (ease of placing a service call, etc.)

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Our Centriworks Service Technicians Are the BEST!

Today in our quarterly review, we recognized our service team members who achieved the Ricoh Family Group’s highest honor, the “Prestige” certification. The “Prestige” certification is obtained via completion of on-line time-sensitive testing and is available to be earned by all Ricoh-Savin-Lanier professionals certified by Ricoh at the time of the examination. The designation demonstrates knowledge and skill that makes them the “Best of the Best” as part of Ricoh’s Service Excellence Program.

I am so very proud of the team!

Only 129 technicians of the 1,879 who started the testing process achieved the certification. Eleven were Centriworks team members. Also, 2 of Centriworks’s team, Chris Hodge and Tony Walker, were awarded the highest designation, “Prestige Elite,” out of 8 total in the United States.

Overall results of the program as reported by Ricoh compared to Centriworks’s performance:

Only 42 dealers were awarded any Prestige Certifications!

This demonstration of skill is one of the many reasons for the award-winning service our clients receive!

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