If you build it, they will come!

Bravo to Randy Boyd for bringing a comprehensive, logical, and practical plan to the table to develop the area north of the Old City.  This plan, in conjunction with Jim Clayton’s Science Museum, should go far to help make Knoxville into a destination city for vacationers. Maybe between the two of them, there will be enough political clout to get it done.

I am reminded of other ventures from 20 years ago that could have had the same type of potential. That was the Universe Knoxville concept and the Worsham-Watkins plan for the development of the down-town/Convention Center/Market Square area. For those of you who were not here in the year 2000, the plans included a world-class planetarium (modeled after the Hayden Planetarium in New York City), and an anchor hotel for the convention center, and development of the Market Square area. The NO vote for the planetarium set back the development of Street by a decade. And there was no anchor hotel for the convention center area for 15 years.

Our company donated the branding and design work for PR efforts. I have attached one of the PSA’s for the Universe Knoxville concept for your viewing pleasure.

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